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Veralda Rose Xtrian 2020

    Veralda Rose Xtrian 2020

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageTeran Taste Profile2020

    Rosé Xtrian is a dry rosé produced from Teran grapes with a dense coral complexion and peach blush. Vivid, exotic citrus fragrances of red Sicilian orange and pink grapefruit mingle with red gooseberry and soothing floral notes or rose, orange blossom, and white tea. A fresh, intense, fruity flavour is tempered by a moderate body and sturdy texture and leads to a serene warmth on the palate. This complex wine finishes with a sustained, ripe, fruity freshness.

    Rosé Xtrian is a versatile wine that flourishes as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to any course of a meal, alongside a luxurious dessert, or on its own as a pleasant and tranquil conclusion to a warm summer day. Recommended serving temperature: 6° to 8°C.