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    Veralda Pét-Nat Natural Sparkling Wine LIMITED EDITION

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageTeran Taste Profile2021
    Please make sure when opening the bottle that it is well chilled & open the bottle in a 45 degree angle. Have several glasses prepared to pour the Pét-Nat into.

    Veranda's pétillant naturel - or as often called Pét-Nat - is refreshing and has a full-flavored and long aftertaste. This sparkling wine captures naturally produced carbon dioxide when the wine is initially made. Instead of letting the bubbles naturally disappear and escape into the air, the CO2 is trapped in the bottle with a bottle cap like a Coca-Cola one instead of a cork. This method is called ancestral and predates even Champagne. With its light pink and raspberry color and fruitiness of Teran, it is a perfect aperitif wine. You can also pair it with seafood such as salmon or octopus, or desserts with chocolate and chestnut. Recommended serving temperature: 6°C