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Tomaz Malvazija Avangarde 2021
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    Tomaz Malvazija Avangarde 2021

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageMalvazija Taste Profile2021

    Malvazija Avangarde is a dry white wine with a bright flaxen tone tinged with deep golden hues. The scent of apple, plum, and apricot settle heavily under the nose before the discrete aroma of acacia flowers soothe the senses with serene dreams of the countryside. Fruity flavours congeal in the cheeks and a callow breath whisps across the palette finishing with a warm and refreshing feeling.

    Malvazija Avangarde goes well with white and black truffles, white and lean fish, shellfish, and poultry and is a luscious partner for Istrian Kunelić na Padelu rabbit stew. Recommended serving temperature: 10° to 12°C.