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Tomaz Teran Barbarossa 2019

    Tomaz Teran Barbarossa 2019

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    Teran Barbarossa is a dry red wine named after the eminent, red-bearded, medieval emperor, Frederick I. A rich burgundy colour yields subtle violet hues when swirled in the glass. Aging for 18 months in oak barrels focalizes the wine’s character but also softens its tannins, making for a full-bodied, yet smoothly drinkable wine. A brazen, yet fine, fruity aroma expands in the glass helmed by the fragrance of ripe raspberry with notes of dark berries and dried cherries then lingers on the palate with whispers of chocolate and spices. The flavours are pronounced but not overwhelming, neither too tart nor too sweet. This wine has been recognized with a gold medal at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards in London.

    Teran Barbarossa pairs well with flavourful cheeses, fish in spicy sauces, and red meat and is an exceptional match for Žgvacet od Teletine, Istrian sautéed veal. Recommended serving temperature: 15° to 17°C.