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Matošević Grimalda bijelo 2019 0.75l

    Matošević Grimalda bijelo 2019 0.75l

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageCuvée Taste Profile2019

    The Grimalda White is a blend of three wine varieties – Chardonnay, Istrian Malvazija, and Sauvignon Blanc, in the ratios of 50-25-25. The bright golden wine ages 12 months in French oak barrels, with regular sediment stirring. Following the aging in barrels, it is further blended and aged in stainless steel vats and in the bottle. Grimalda impresses with pronounced minerality, terroir, and a long finish taste. It is a rich white wine characterized by its aromas of peach, pineapple, acacia, butter cookie, roasted nuts, and honey. On the palate, the full-bodied white wine is perfectly harmonious and has a long aftertaste. Matosevic’s Grimalda White is well paired with a garlicky lemon-baked tilapia, Chicken Marsala, or herb-crusted cauliflower steaks with beans and tomatoes. Recommended serving temperature: 12° to 14°C