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Imagine Spirits Pink Robin Gin 0,5l 44% Vol.

    Imagine Spirits Pink Robin Gin 0,5l 44% Vol.

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    Pink Robin is a dry, modern gin with a vibrant, strawberry tinge. 12 distinct botanicals each bring their unique qualities during distillation. Traditional juniper berry, coriander seed, wild celery, and orris root endow their herbal character. Bitter orange flowers and grapefruit and lemon peel contribute a refreshing citrus aura. Garden-fresh lavender instills a pleasant and fresh fragrance. Cubeb Pepper, Paradise Grain, and Monk’s Pepper imbue a spicy kick while almond harmonizes the bold and intense notes. The final “+1” ingredient is added after distilling when the gin is infused with chokeberries for a month. The culmination is an eye-catching gin with a balance of classic herbal and invigorating fruitiness punctuated by a natural astringency rather than the sweetness found in other flavored gins.

    Pink Robin is great in a gin and tonic but even better in an Italian Negroni (Imagine Spirits’ own recommendation for a stronger cocktail).