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Franc Arman Perla Bianca Charmat

    Franc Arman Perla Bianca Charmat

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    Perla Bianca is a brut sparkling white wine derived from Istrian Malvasia grapes. Carbon dioxide is trapped during fermentation using the Charmat method bringing about a myriad of miniscule bubbles and fine perlage shimmering in the glass. The bubbles fizzle and burst, liberating fragrances of citrus fruits and acacia flowers. The result is a full-bodied, yet fresh and fluttering flavour that is lavish but unpretentious.

    Perla Bianca is exceptional chilled and enjoyed as an aperitif or to celebrate a special occasion. It couples brilliantly with Croatian Krafne (jam doughnuts) for a grandiose way to ring in the New Year. Recommended serving temperature: 6° to 8°C.