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Foodalicious Tasting Kit

    Foodalicious Tasting Kit

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    This is the perfect starter kit for all the foodies out there. You receive one light extra-virgin olive oil from the small eco-friendly farm Ursaria. The other olive oil by Brist is a bit more intense and is perfectly paired with steak, truffles, or grilled vegetables.

    This kit also has the essential ingredients for so many truffle dishes. You have the base for cooking: truffle butter and the tartufata is your new best friend in the kitchen. Pasta, eggs, or meat - the tartufata is your secret ingredient.

    You have chopped truffles to sprinkle over your fancy dish for the finishing touch. And last but not least, as we all love fries and burgers, there is only one thing that levels up our comfort food: truffle mayo. Enjoy your Croatian tasting kit!

    >> Original Value: 102 EUR <<