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Dvorac Belaj Merlot Noir 2019

    Dvorac Belaj Merlot Noir 2019

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageMerlot Noir Taste Profile2019

    Merlot Noir is a dry, full-bodied blend of Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes with a bold maroon glow. The bouquet exhibits the wild strawberry, cherry, and other fruit scents of the Pinot Noir mottled with the herbal notes and bitterness of chocolate and coffee of the Merlot. The fragrance remains subtle and obscured until poured, when the wine’s warmth and softness along with the balance of placid tannins and freshness accompany the aroma as it manifests in the glass.

    Merlot Noir can be aged 5-10 years and goes well with savory ham or red meat and pairs exquisitely with local Boškarin sausages. Recommended serving temperature: 14° to 16°C.