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Dvorac Belaj Malvazija 2021

    Dvorac Belaj Malvazija 2021

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageMalvazija Taste Profile2021

    Malvazija is a dry white wine composed of native Istrian Malvasia grapes. The wine’s clarity allows its dense blonde hue glow without obscuring its purity. Subtle aromas of white flowers, dandelion, and vanilla are juxtaposed with the spicy fragrances of cardamom and white pepper resulting in an intricate bouquet that thrills the senses. Belaj’s agricultural qualities manifest in the wine’s minerality and a warm and soft taste washes over the palate, finishing with a sensuous freshness.

    Malvazija pairs well with lighter pasta or seafood dishes and makes for a dazzling experience when matched with Istrian white truffles in late autumn through early winter. Recommended serving temperature: 10° to 12°C.