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Cossetto Malvazija Gentile

    Cossetto Malvazija Gentile

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageMalvazija Taste Profile2021

    Malvazija Gentile was created by the youngest of the Cossetto family, Denis, using indigenous Malvasia grapes. It is a dry white wine with a glowing blonde complexion and a faint glimmer of green. Bright and invigorating aromas of lemon and lime peel mingle with floral fragrances of acacia accompanied by hints of mango. The exhilarating fruity taste glides across the palette carrying an intriguing minerality to give the wine a moderate, yet satisfying fullness.

    Malvazija Gentile is more refined and complex than typical Malvasia white wines. It pairs well with white meat and vegetarian dishes but perhaps works best as a lavish way to enjoy at leisure during the summer months. Recommended serving temperature: 10° to 12°C.