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Chiavalon Atilio Olive Oil

    Chiavalon Atilio Olive Oil

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    Harvest: 2022

    This blend of Carbonazza and Istrian Bianchera has a thick texture and an elegant golden green color. The Atilio has a strong flavor with dominant notes of black pepper and almond. This is your first choice if you are looking for powerful bitterness and pungency with a rich aroma of artichoke and chicory, paired with fragrant notes of rosemary and mint. This oil is best served with a jerked beef carpaccio, a high-quality porterhouse steak, or roasted butternut pumpkin with goat cheese. It also pairs well with dessert, ideally with a salted dark chocolate tart.

    Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts
    Average nutritional values per 100g

    • Energy 3693kJ/882kcal
    • Total Fat 100g
      - Saturated Fat 14,4g
    • Total Carbohydrate 0g
      - Sugar 0g
    • Protein 0g
    • Salt 0g