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Cattunar Nono Malvazija 4 Terre 750ml

    Cattunar Nono Malvazija 4 Terre 750ml

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    The grapes for this full-bodied wine are harvested by hand in early October. Maceration and post-fermentation take up to 8 months in stainless steel tanks at a constantly controlled temperature. Following the maturation process for 30 months in large acacia barrels of 2500 liters. The color of the wine is a warm golden color, with a hint of green olive. The wine has an interesting aromatic mix of herbs such as sage, parsley, and oregano to tropical fruits such as guava and kumquat, dried citrus, quinces, ripe pears, almonds, flowers, and carob. The texture of Nono Malvazija is slightly oily and the structure firm, which leads to a long aftertaste that is dominated by notes of ripe and dried fruit and light bitterness. The wine pairs well with scampi, lobster, pasta, or winter stews. Recommended serving temperature: 13-15 ° C.