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Brist Sta Margherita 0,5l Olive Oil

    Brist Sta Margherita 0,5l Olive Oil

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    Harvest: October 2021

    Sta Margherita is made exclusively from the buža vodnjanska olives native to Brist’s hometown of Vodnjan. This oil’s even and balanced flavor is highlighted by the aroma of fresh-cut grass and a fruitiness on the palate that reduces the spiciness of the aftertaste.

    Sta Margherita pairs sublimely with salads, grilled vegetables, mushrooms, pasta & risotto, and poultry. Brist recommends serving the olive oil with young cheese to bring a zing of freshness to it.

    Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts
    Average nutritional values per 100g

    • Energy 3693kJ/882kcal
    • Total Fat 100g
      - Saturated Fat 14,4g
    • Total Carbohydrate 0g
      - Sugar 0g
    • Protein 0g
    • Salt 0g