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Bertoša Pinot Sivi 2020

    Bertoša Pinot Sivi 2020

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    Taste ProfileDryVintagePinot Grigio Taste Profile2021

    Pinot Sivi is a clear, yet mildly dense dry white wine with a light gold complexion often found in other Pinot Gris varieties. The fragrance is highlighted by peach, orange peel, and white rose and wildflower notes as well as echoes of rosemary. The wine is easy to drink, owing to its medium body and fresh, balanced flavour that endures on the taste buds, finishing with an aftertaste of the same peach found in the aroma.

    Pinot Sivi goes well with assorted seafood dishes, especially risottos. Recommended serving temperature: 8° to 10°C.