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Bertoša Malvazija Istarska Odležana 2019

    Bertoša Malvazija Istarska Odležana 2019

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    Malvazija Istarska Odležana is an aged version of the Istrian Malvasia wine. This premium dry white wine is remarkably clear and emits a thick, aurelian tone with a distinct vignette. The fragrance is accentuated by notes of dried apricot and figs, roasted quince, and floral honey as well as vanilla and dried almonds. This full-bodied wine has a balanced flavour featuring a medley of soft warmth, affable freshness, and intriguing minerality. The harmonious taste endures after drinking with the dried almond notes lingering as well.

    Malvazija Istarska Odležana pairs well with assorted seafood dishes, especially oven-baked grouper. Recommended serving temperature: 10° to 12°C