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Aura Karbun Gin 39,2 Vol.%
Aura Karbun Gin 39,2 Vol.%

    Aura Karbun Gin 39,2 Vol.%

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    This juniper spirit is filtered through activated charcoal during distillation, hence the name “Karbun”. The carbon removes toxins, pesticides, and other pollutants during filtering.

    A mild distillate of agriculturally-derived ethanol and demineralized water is created then flavored with natural ingredients such as juniper berries, ginger, wormwood, orange, lemon peel, mugwort, anise, cumin, and cloves. The composition of botanicals promises a delightful drinking experience. Thanks to the carbon filtration process, consumers can expect an inimitably smooth and velvety gin, where every single nuance comes to the fore.