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Arman Marijan Rosé Duet 2021
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    Arman Marijan Rosé Duet 2021

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    Taste ProfileDryVintageTeran | Cabernet Sauvignon Taste Profile2021

    Rosé Duet is a dry wine derived from equal parts Istrian-native Teran and locally-grown Cabernet Sauvignon. The remarkable marigold colour is unique among rosé wines and softly glows with shades of coral. An agrarian aroma of earthbound strawberries and mineral-rich soil calm the senses before notes of raspberry and hints of clove enrich the olfactory experience. The cuvée expresses the dry minerality of the Teran along with the fruity, almost-sweetness of the Cabernet harmonizing into a fresh and bright compound as elegant as it is drinkable.

    Rosé Duet works well cooled alongside seafood risotto or pasta or chilled as a stand-alone aperitif or raw seafood or tuna. The wine is an excellent Istrian counterpart to salty, Croatian pancetta from Dalmatia. Recommended serving temperature: 8° to 12°C.