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Arman Marijan Malvazija istarska 2021

    Arman Marijan Malvazija istarska 2021

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    Malvazija Istarska is a dry white wine with a bright blonde colour highlighted by glimmers of gold. Fragrances of yellow plum and other stone fruits waltz with the gentle scent of Spanish broom branches in an alternating bouquet accentuated with notes of almond and blooming acacia flowers.The lavish olfactory notes are echoed in the taste, resulting in a fresh and lively wine with an enjoyable minerality that is easy to drink and finishes with sustained flavour and notes of peach and yellow apple.

    Malvazija Istarska pairs well with either cold or warm chicken, fish, and seafood dishes and is the perfect complement for Maneštra, a rich, Istrian vegetable and bean stew. Recommended serving temperature: 10° to 12°C.