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The Visintin family tradition of winemaking began in 1938 on a ten-hectare, agricultural plot of land used for grapes, olives, vegetables, and other crops. When it was time to specialize in cultivating vineyards and olive orchards, the family realized how common the surname Visintin is in Istria and chose to name their winery after the vineyard, Veralda.

Veralda is considered to be the harbinger of indigenous Istrian wines, shepherding the once obscure varieties of Malvasia, Refosco, and Teran into the wider world of wine connoisseurs. The introduction of the first rosé made from Teran grapes validated Istrian wines as an elegant and distinct peer to more established oenological and gastronomic wines around the world.

Veralda Pét-Nat Natural Sparkling Wine LIMITED EDITION

€26,53 / l

Veralda Blanc 2019 Sparkling Wine

€23,87 / l

Veralda Rose Xtrian 2020

€17,20 / l

Veralda Refosco 2019

€18,53 / l

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