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Mladen Rožanić is more of an artist than a winemaker. He began his journey as an apostle of Rhône Valley vintners and embarked on a decades-long pilgrimage through different houses around the world before eventually settling in his native Istria. Rožanić knows that reality is fluid, always changing, always creating itself in every moment. He is not concerned with achieving an arbitrary archetype of what a certain wine should be, but rather what a wine is. Roxanich wines express themselves on their own terms, resisting today’s hurried, aggressive, and blatantly commercial production.

Rožanić and his six daughters, the renowned Roxanich Sorelle, produce limited quantities of wine using natural, biodynamic, and lunar agricultural techniques coupled with modern production methods bound to high ecological standards. The result is unique and unprecedented wines that reflect the company’s motto: freedom by nature.

Roxanich Venezia Cuvée Red Wine

€22,53 / l

Roxanich Montona Malvasija

€30,53 / l

Roxanich Portorose Rosé Wine

€19,87 / l

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