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Deli Magazine

Our magazine provides you with the tastiest Croatian food and drink recipes, presents you with the latest additions to our assortment, and informs you about all the nerdy details about Croatia’s delicacies.


We have got some exciting recipes you have to try

If you've ever had truffle fries at a restaurant and wished you could make them at home, these following recipes are for you!

A quick pasta with truffle sauce can be a great quick-fix gourmet meal. This recipe for truffle pasta is beautifully simple yet absolutely delicious.

These delectable scrambled eggs with truffles will be creamy, aromatic, intense, and delicate. 

The Big Truffle FAQ

Everything you need to know about this local Istrian delicacy



Not happy just popping the bottle and pouring? Then this is for you - get the cocktail shaker ready

Istrian Pet-Nats are an exciting addition to the world of sparkling wine.

Biska: traditional Istrian mistletoe brandy. 

Pink up your next Gin and Tonic with the PInk Robin Gin from Imagine Spirits.

Have you even been to Istria if you haven't tried a glass of Teran? Meet Istria's charming red wine. 

Istria is Croatia's number #1 region where you can find truffles. Learn all about the different truffle varieties that can be found in the heart of Croatia's biggest peninsula.

With their rarity and exquisite, incomparable, earthy taste, it’s easy to imagine that truffles are...