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Karlić Tartufi

The Karlić family truffle tradition can be traced back to 1966, when Ivan Rašpolić began prospecting for the subterranean delicacies in the forests surrounding Paladini. Rašpolić was joined by his daughter, Ramilda Karlić, when she was ten years old and she’s been a truffle hunter ever since. When Ramilda established her own company in 1994, she built upon the truffle heritage passed on to her by her father, mother, and uncle.

Today, Karlić Truffles is operated by Ramilda and her four children. They are supported by a team of highly skilled, truffle sniffing dogs and still venture daily into the local forests to unearth these rare and treasured gourmet morsels.



Karlić Tartufi Tartufata 180g

€7,72 / g

Karlić Tartufi White Truffle Sea Salt 90g

€132,22 / kg

Karlić Tartufi Black Truffle Sea Salt 90g

€110,00 / kg

Karlić Tartufi Black Truffle Chopped 90g

€221,11 / kg

Karlić Tartufi White Truffle Spread 90g

€143,33 / kg

Karlić Tartufi Butter With White Truffle 200g

€9,95 / g

Karlić Tartufi Black Truffle Grated 90g

€25,44 / g

Karlić Tartufi Truffle Mayonnaise 190g

€50,00 / kg

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