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The Damjanić family tradition of wine growing started in the 18th century when their ancestors, the Jurković family, cultivated vineyards in Fuškulin. The family became one of the region’s leading wineries culminating in the gold medal award for red wine at the Exposition du Bien-être in Paris in 1928. The Jurković’s success came to an end under the former Yugoslavian government, who nationalized their 30 hectare vineyard and put them out of business.

After 50 years, the Damjanić family reclaimed their ancestral lands and started planting a new, 10½ hectare vineyard. The winery features an assortment of wines including the area’s popular Istrian Malvasia variety as well as Borgonja, a traditional Istrian wine often overlooked in favor of newer, more fashionable varieties. Damjanić’s state-of-the-art facilities use modern production technology to produce wines that have gone on to win several domestic and international awards.

Damjanić Rosé Penelope 2021

€15,87 / l

Damjanić Malvazija Istarska 2021

€17,20 / l

Damjanić Duro Istriano 2018

€25,20 / l

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