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Bogowski Gin


The family-owned boutique distillery Bogowski is located in Zelina, a beautiful green region of Croatia that is just waiting for visitors to explore it. The Bogowski family relies on the long-term experience of several creative experts and innovative technology. The tech expert Lav calls Bogowski the distillery of the future. The four key ingredients that make Bogowski unique are the addition of high-quality ingredients, the best equipment available on the market, and a team with invaluable experience and passion for gin making. The recipe was created by the gin expert Lav who has been on the distillery scene for over 20 years. You ask yourself how it is possible that a small family business gathered a team of exceptional creative experts. The answer lies in European funds. The Bogowski family saw an opportunity for development and with the support of EU funds, decided to fulfill their eternal dream: to modernize their family traditions such as beekeeping and brandy production. After a long time of dedicated work, the Bogowski gin is finally ready for the market. The Bogowski distillery also has many other great long-term plans and we can’t wait to taste their new creations.

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