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Berba is a brand of exclusive wines from Vina Bertoša that harness the unique environment and combined continental and Mediterranean climates of Kaldir. The name refers to the Croatian word for harvest and signifies that Berba’s grapes are cultivated, maintained, and harvested by hand in vineyards atop the peaks of the hills in the area. Though many modern vineyards employ agricultural machines, the breathtaking but jagged landscape of the region necessitates that all the work be done manually and that the grapes are brought to the cellar in small batches. This results in an annual yield of only 20,000 bottles.

Every bottle of Berba wine radiates an authenticity inspired by old-world tradition and reflects the modern-day dreams and aspirations of the real people who work tirelessly in the vineyards and dedicate their lives to produce a product they can be proud to stand behind.

Bertoša Teran 2019

€23,87 / l

Bertoša Pinot Sivi 2020

€17,20 / l

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