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About Us

In 2000, 37.2 million tourists visited Croatia. In 2019, that number had grown to 60 million. Slowly but surely, Croatia has developed into a sought after travel destination and no longer lingers in the shadow of Italy, France, or Spain. However, while the country has claimed its rightful place among popular travel destinations, it faces a similar challenge when it comes to its local specialties, truffles, olive oil, and wine. When it comes to these products, the claim »Made in Croatia« still has a long way to go despite its exceptionally high quality. For now, Croatian delicacies stay a hidden gem amongst connoisseurs around the world.

We dedicated ourselves to tirelessly sampling olive oils, truffles, gin, and wine from local, family-run, small businesses. Not only did we diligently push through tastings of Malvazija white and Teran red wines (among others), we also trudged along unknown kilometers of olive orchards, followed highly-trained hounds as they searched dark forests for truffles, bravely inhaled the vapors inside spirit distilleries, and worked tirelessly over hot stoves hoping to unlock the secrets of Istria’s edible and drinkable treasures.


With Agency Croatia, we will show you all the secret treasures in Istria. We have the best villas and hotels for you in stock and you can book a variety of private day tours for a unique and personal experience.