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White Wine (8)

Arman Marijan Malvazija istarska 2021

€17,20 / l

Bertoša Pinot Sivi 2020

€17,20 / l

Cattunar Amanti Cuvee 2021 White Wine

€15,87 / l

Cossetto Malvazija Gentile

€11,87 / l

Dvorac Belaj Blend 2021

€21,20 / l

Dvorac Belaj Malvazija 2021

€19,33 / l

Radanović Malvazija 2021

€15,87 / l

Roxanich Montona Malvasija

€30,53 / l

Croatian White Wine

You'll love exploring Croatia's delicious white wines. The country's wine scene is very vibrant and on the rise, with many excellent wines being produced each year. Many unconventional winemakers compete every year to make the best Malvazija or Grasevina. Most grape varieties are very old as the Malvazija grape dates back to at least the 14th century. Istrian Malvazija is usually brilliant yellow with a greenish hue and has aromas of green apple, almond blossom, and a bracing minerality on the finish. Young white wines are a great partner for warm-weather drinking, while white wines aged in oak or acacia barrels are perfectly paired with the Mediterranean kitchen. Try some Croatian wines and become one of the many wine lovers who love the unique taste of Croatian white wines.