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Truffles (10)

Karlić Tartufi Tartufata 180g

€7,72 / g

Karlić Tartufi Black Truffle Sea Salt 90g

€110,00 / kg

Karlić Tartufi Truffle Mayonnaise 190g

€50,00 / kg

Karlić Tartufi White Truffle Sea Salt 90g

€132,22 / kg

Karlić Tartufi Black Truffle Grated 90g

€25,44 / g

Karlić Tartufi White Truffle Spread 90g

€143,33 / kg

Karlić Tartufi Butter With White Truffle 200g

€9,95 / g

Tartufi Istra Whole Black Truffle 25g

€55,60 / g

Tartufi Istra Olive Oil With White Truffle Aroma 250ml

€55,60 / l

Pietro&Pietro Tartufata with white truffles 80g

€248,75 / kg

Croatian Truffles

Truffles are a delicious and luxurious culinary treat, and Croatia is one of the best places in the world to find them. Motovun forest in Istria is home to many different varieties of truffles, including the valuable white truffle. In recent years, Croatian truffles have been gaining recognition on international stage, as their quality is on par with that of Italian and French truffles. Indeed, it has been discovered that many truffles from Italy actually originate in Istria, as Croatian truffle hunters sell their truffles to Italy as they do not have enough buyers on site. So, it is not surprising that until recently Istrian truffles were unknown on the international luxury gastronomy stage. Croatian truffles usually only reached fine restaurants by either not saying the origin of the truffle lies or were falsely presented as Alba truffles. Traditional Istrian dishes featuring truffles are simple yet incredibly flavorful, and anyone who loves truffles will be sure to enjoy them. If you're looking for a truly unique and special dining experience, be sure to try some Croatian truffles.