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      Sparkling Wine (5)

      Cossetto Momento Sparkling Wine 750ml

      €19,87 / l

      Veralda Blanc 2019 Sparkling Wine

      €23,87 / l

      Veralda Pét-Nat Natural Sparkling Wine LIMITED EDITION

      €26,53 / l

      Tomaz Celeste Sparkling Wine

      €22,53 / l

      Cattunar Senator Malvasia Brut 2019

      €13,20 / l

      Croatian Sparkling Wine

      Why not add a little fizz to your brunch this weekend with a glass of sparkling Croatian wine? Many of the country's winemakers produce excellent bubbly using traditional French methods, meaning the perlage is formed by a second fermentation inside the bottle. This results in a high-quality, Champagne-like product that is perfect for sipping on a sunny day. And with a variety of grape varieties used, including local ones like Malvazija, there's sure to be a sparkling wine to suit every taste.

      Beyond the traditional method the popular “Ancestral method“ is also used to produce sparkling wine. This style of wine is becoming a huge trend in Croatia recently, with more and more wineries making their own, pétillant naturel, most often shortened to pet-nat. The main difference to the traditional method is that there is only one fermentation, and the bubbles are trapped. The fermentation is sometimes done in a tank, but often also inside each bottle. Mostly depends on whether the winemaker wants cloudy yeasts inside the bottle or not. These wines are bubbly, fresh, and simple. Because there is only one fermentation, the pet-nats have lower alcohol and a softer bubble than traditional sparkling wines.

      Croatian sparkling wines have a distinct taste and aroma, with notes of citrus fruits, green apples, and white flowers. They are crisp and refreshing, with a fine and persistent mousse, making them perfect for celebrations or as an aperitif. Croatian sparkling wine pairs well with a variety of dishes, including seafood, pasta, and white meat. It is also an excellent choice for pairing with cheese and charcuterie boards.