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Rosé (6)

Cattunar Tera Unica Teran Rosé

€14,53 / l

Damjanić Rosé Penelope 2021

€15,87 / l

Dvorac Belaj Rose Belaj 2021

€16,67 / l

Radanović Rosé 2021

€15,87 / l

Roxanich Portorose Rosé Wine

€19,87 / l

Veralda Rose Xtrian 2020

€17,20 / l

Croatian Rosé Wine

How could anyone resist the allure of beautiful pink rosé wine, chilling in a glass on a warm summer night? Though rosés are often associated with light lunches and easy drinking, their versatility makes them perfect for any occasion. And because they're fresh and light, they pair well with a variety of dishes - from Asian cuisine to cheese boards. No wonder rosé wines are becoming a popular choice in Croatia. Even international sommeliers have noted the similarity between Croatian rosés and those produced in southern France, praising their "sturdy structure and moderate tannic grip." Whether you're enjoying them on their own or with food, make sure to give Croatian rosés a try - you won't be disappointed.