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Red Wine (11)

Arman Marijan Teran 2017

€18,53 / l

Bertoša Teran 2019

€23,87 / l

Cattunar Teran 2017

€15,87 / l

Cossetto Merlot Gentile

€13,20 / l

Damjanić Duro Istriano 2018

€25,20 / l

Dvorac Belaj Merlot Noir 2019

€23,87 / l

Franković Teran

€22,53 / l

Matošević Ombra 2020 Teran 0.75l


Radanović Teran 2019

€17,20 / l

Roxanich Venezia Cuvée Red Wine

€22,53 / l

Veralda Refosco 2019

€18,53 / l

Croatian Red Wine

Croatia's coastline is ideal for grape cultivation thanks to the climate conditions there. The warm, humid summers and mild winters create the perfect environment for grapes to thrive. This coastal wine region runs from Croatia’s peninsula Istria down to the south of Dalmatia. Red wine differs from white wine and Rosé in the production process because red pigments are only found in the skin of the grapes. Therefore, it is possible to produce white wines from red grape varieties, but not vice versa. Most Croatian red wines are dry because they go through an entire fermentation process where yeast consumes all sugar from grapes. This results in red wines with strong aromas and rich flavors that pair well with red meat dishes, truffle pasta, or prosciutto with melon. One of Croatia's most popular red wines is Istrian Teran, which has been cultivated for centuries on Croatia’s green peninsula. Teran is typically pleasantly balanced and very harmonious in taste with characteristic forest berry flavors, soft tannins, and pleasant acidity.