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The big truffle faq

The big truffle FAQ: 10 things you should know about truffles

on September 17, 2022
1. Truffles - what are they?

Truffles are a hypogeous, or underground, fungus of the genus Tuber and the family Tuberaceae. However, the truffle is only the fruiting body of a very large root-like network of fungal cells, the mycelium that live in symbiosis with different trees. Although there are about 140 species of hypogeous fungi, only a few of them are of culinary value.

2. What do truffles taste like?

Black truffles usually taste more intense than white ones. This is the reason why the white Alba truffle is never cooked with, but only shaved over the dishes as a finishing touch. Almost all truffles taste nutty, so in order to better differentiate, here is an overview of the truffles growing in Istria and how they taste:



Black Truffle

Périgord Truffle

Intensely spicy, slightly sweet, and musky

Black Autumn Truffle/

Burgundy Truffle

Black Summer Truffle

Hazelnut with beet scent

Due to the ripening period, the burgundy truffle tastes and smells more intense than the black summer truffle.

Black Winter Truffle

Intense musky smell and taste, spicy, slightly sweet, hazelnut, radish, and often nutmeg and pepper

White Truffle / Alba Truffle

Shallot with hints of hazelnut and walnut, aroma of damp forest


3. What do truffles taste like?

Truffles grow underground, among the roots of trees, preferably deciduous and especially hazel and oak. The truffle’s very fine fungal threads, called mycorrhiza, helps the tree to absorb water and nutrients by increasing the surface of the roots. In return, the tree’s photosynthesis provides truffles with carbohydrates, allowing them to grow. This process of mutual support is called symbiosis. Truffles take from 5 to 9 years to fully mature. They often like calcareous, alkaline, and moist soils, but can also be found in clay.

4. Are truffles mushrooms?

Kind of. Truffles are a fungus like mushrooms, but unlike mushrooms, they grow underground. They both are the fruiting bodies of a larger mycelium, but truffles support plant growth by symbiosis while mushrooms decompose organic matter. Most importantly, though, truffles have a similar consistency to mushrooms, but they have much more flavour.

5. Are truffles vegan?

Yes, truffles are vegan. 

6. Are truffles healthy?

Truffles are actually incredibly healthy. They are full of micronutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese. Truffles are also rich in antioxidants, proteins, and fiber that reduce the effects of aging and help prevent heart disease and diabetes. They even have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can even protect against some types of cancer. Therefore, truffles are considered a superfood.

7. Which truffle is the best?

Because everyone's taste is different, there is no blanket answer. White truffles are rarer and therefore more expensive, but their taste is not as intense black truffles. Also, white truffles are not cooked, but used as a garnish before serving. Black truffles, on the other hand, develop their full flavor only when cooked. 

8. Do truffles contain alcohol? 

Many people assume that since truffle pralines often contain rum or other spirits, truffles also contain alcohol. Truffle pralines received their name only because they resemble a truffle on the outside. Otherwise, truffles and truffle pralines have nothing in common. 

9. Why are truffles expensive?

Truffles are relatively rare. A truffle hunter with a dog can expect to find only 60-80 grams of white truffles or only 200-300 grams of black truffles in one day. On many days, they find nothing at all.

10. Where can I buy truffles?

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