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Teran - Istria’s love language

on December 16, 2022

The fierce character of Teran is an inseparable part of Istria’s identity: to bring people together. The Croatian red wine Teran is made of a red grape variety called Teran, which is native to the peninsula Istria.The Teran ripens quite late and grows in large quantities with densely packed high-quality grapes, which have very resistant skin and a beautiful deep ruby red color. This grape variety is not a demanding one - the grapes love the sun and don’t require a lot of water. However, winemakers have to be careful and not only protect the grapes from high humidity, but also from burning if the sun gets too strong.


Teran who?

Teran has been native to Istria for centuries, some sources say for even more than 650 years when the indigenous red wine was served in ceramic decanters to royal emissaries. One thing ought to be sure: The traditional wine of Istrian farm workers found its way to the tables of royalty. By the end of the 19th century, the most widespread grape variety in Istria occupied already about 90% of all vineyards on Croatia’s largest peninsula. Its cultivation slowly decreased with the introduction of international varieties. But the popularity of the wine amongst locals and tourists never stopped, so Teran is still the most common red wine in the region.

The Teran grapes have a great potential to create one of the highest quality red wines on the market as they have rich and robust characteristics. Its ruby-red color and purple hues already indicate the typical fruity aroma of raspberries. Moreover, the wine is famous for its persistence, high tannins, and naturally higher acidity levels than other similar red wines. It’s even believed that the Teran wine, due to its high tannins and the soil on which it’s cultivated, is rich in iron and biologically active anthocyanins. And hence, contains additional salubrious properties which result in the prevention of cardiovascular ailments and cellular aging. A wine that replaces aging creams, sweet, right?

Pop the bottle!

The Teran is a perfect bottle to open in the evening when having a board with Istrian prosciutto, cured ombolo, a selection of aged cheeses, and homemade bread. It is also well paired with tagliatelle and a Boskarin sauce, spicy Asian peanut butter noodles, or sushi. The recommended serving temperature is usually between 16 and 18°C.

Istrian Teran

The Teran is not a wine for puritans. No matter how much you pretend to be unruffled and free from agitation, the Istrian Teran will leave a mark on your lips that you will never let go. Don’t even try to fight your feelings for Teran, it is a sign that confirms you are no longer a tourist, but one of the locals via love for its oldest local wine.


Arman Marijan Teran 2017

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Bertoša Teran 2019

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Cattunar Teran 2017

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Cossetto Merlot Gentile

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Damjanić Duro Istriano 2018

€25,20 / l

Dvorac Belaj Merlot Noir 2019

€23,87 / l

Franković Teran

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Matošević Ombra 2020 Teran 0.75l