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Our Summer Romance: Aura Limoncello

on December 30, 2022

One of our fondest memories of every summer is the smell of fresh fruits, and the breeze of a warm summer evening whilst drinking a chilled Limoncello Spritz. Limoncello is a famous  Italian drink, where some of the world’s best lemons are grown; but don’t forget that Croatia has a similar climate and therefore grows delicious lemons as well. Of course, it didn’t take long and the family distillery Aura started producing Croatia’s first and most delicious Limoncello. 

What is Limoncello anyway, you may be asking? Fresh, sweet, and fragrant, this lemon liqueur is made by macerating lemon peels in alcohol. The lemons used to make Limoncello have to be untreated. After cleaning the lemons and removing the bitterish white part from the peel, the peel is left to infuse with alcohol. The quality of the lemons from Croatia creates an intense aroma and unforgettable taste of this liqueur.


The Limoncello is usually served chilled as a digestif. The beautiful and bright yellow color and fresh citrus flavor make it such a fun and tasty drink. And while everyone obviously loves to drink Limoncello in its traditional way, you can also make delicious cocktails from it, such as the it-drink Limoncello Spritz or a Limoncello Lemon Drop. In addition to being served as a digestif or a cocktail, it is often used in the preparation of desserts. It is great for soaking a cake or flavoring a cream like lemon curd. 

Bring back the summer feeling to your home with this delicious Limoncello Spritz recipe:

Fill your glass to the top with ice. Add the Limoncello and sparkling wine, then add a little bit of soda water. Cut a long strip of peel from a lemon, twist it over the drink and then add it as a garnish. Cheers!