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Aura Teranino

Croatia's Hidden Gem: Teranino

on December 30, 2022

Brandies and liqueurs belong to Croatia like beer to Germany, croissants to France, and pizza to Italy. People toast with a "kratki" (a shot) on every occasion: whether birthdays, weddings, a good start to the day, or for a casual lunch. Therefore, it is not surprising that with so many types of brandies, everyone really finds "his own” favorite drink. Historically, the types of brandy and liqueurs are closely related to what fruits and herbs were found in the different regions. From simple and regional foods, people have made something special - for this creativity, of course, we are grateful! 

Croatia's largest peninsula, Istria, offers a wide range of traditional liqueurs and brandies, some are ideal partners for warm summer evenings and others for the cold winter months. An all-rounder is our favorite, Teranino, a delicious red wine liqueur made from the most popular Istrian red wine variety, Teran. A whole fifteen different forest fruits and ten wild herbs and cinnamon steep for six months in distilled fruit brandy. The fruit brandy has been used for generations as the basis for Istrian liqueurs. And subsequently, this is completed with Teran. 

The result of this love affair between brandy and Teran is a wonderful explosion of flavors. As soon as you open the Teranino, seductive notes of orange, cinnamon, and cloves rise to your nose - a little reminiscent of Christmas. The sweet and spicy smell and the dominant taste of Teran wine make the Teranino an absolute favorite among all guests in Croatia. It has a deep ruby color and is very complex. The long finish with intense sherry notes and jam immediately makes you want more!


Teranino is a wonderful liqueur that promises long summer evenings, but can also be enjoyed on cozy winter evenings in front of the fireplace. It also combines very well with other alcoholic drinks and makes fancy cocktails. Here is an example of a somewhat different gin and tonic:

Add ice cubes to the gin & tonic glass, mix the indicated amount of ingredients and finally serve with a few pieces of coal and orange peel.  

Aura Teranino Red Wine Liqueur

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